Every day, a day of wonder. The wispy clouds, curling into curlicues and waves, making shapes that she alone could see, the birds dancing along the porch railing, chattering and bragging to one another of the number of eggs laid or size of the nest. The swirls in the chocolate when the cream and butter was stirred in, and the time crunch that followed so that it didn’t seize up and become hard, so that instead it would become glossy, smooth, fit to fill the rows of waiting cookies.

The murmurs of conversation bubbling up from the other room, the inflections of their voices and the gestures visible through the door. The excitement in the air, so real it is almost tangible. The cookie cutters dusty with flour and sticky with gingerbread, the ghost of the batter coming from the oven to perfume the air and settle into the cookies as a taste and no longer just a scent. The weight of the packages handed to her by the mailman, interspersed by  a few envelopes, the only things for the four that normally live there. The laughs from the ones who forgot that there was coffee in the cup and tried to put it away, the television showing men and women vying for a chance to become legends and the girl who dreamed of that watching them carefully, gleaning anything, anything at all from what she could see. The knowledge that as many as there seem to be in the house at that moment, that there would be double that within a few short days.

The joy that came from noticing these things, the knowledge that as tense as things could get that all would work out in the end. The satisfaction at the end of the day, the happy sleep that followed a day of hard work, the euphoria of a day spent doing the things she loved, the cookies laid out on the rack covered with a towel. The product of the day evidenced by the spices lingering in the air, on the tongues of the samplers. The love that filled the house and burst out of the window, out of the door, and the ability to add to that love utilized in any possible way. The wish that it could remain like this all the time and not just once in a while, because even when it’s crowded and loud they are here. After three months, six months, two years the family is here and the wedding has begun.

So, this is just the product of a lot of rambling about the day…. yeah, people have started getting here for the wedding and yes, it’s crowded! I’m doing all my baking, finally turned out a good macaron batch and did a dozen Madeleines. Lebkuchen herz were also on the list for today, but I’ll ice them tomorrow. Today? I don’t know anymore… But I digress. It was rather fun to reflect, I might do it again. Your thoughts? Please comment, it’s nice to see what you think about things. I will respond if you do! I love being able to ‘meet’ readers and chat a little bit online. Blogging is quite solitary, unless readers comment. Thank you! Have a good night!

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