So, I found a pin the other day that talked about what appealed to each of the MBTI types. All that they were saying sounded quite poetic, so I decided to randomly write a bit about my type- INFP- using their words. 

Things that make the types happy:

Wings. Whether they’re gossamer, watercolored into a sketch of the Faeries, or simply catching the light as a butterfly flits by, the enthrall us. A moment’s delicate beauty, captured.

The sound of a piano. Quiet, then loud, rising up and falling down the scale. Notes blending into each other, then dancing apart.

Light caught in the glass. Streaks of it spreading from the source, creating little stars no one else notices. Ever changing. Ever beauty.

11:11. Four ones. How cool is that? And 11:11:11… a little syzygy on earth, contained to the glowing numbers on the nightstand.

Long scarves. Better than infinity scarves for some reason, no matter what they say. Blowing in the wind, billowing, somehow graceful and carefree. Never perfect, but there’s beauty in that,



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