Project I WILL teach myself to draw

Let’s just say I’m very tired of saying “I can’t draw to save my life”.

JuliaSee, Karis can draw gorgeously, able to visualize her characters and churn out a rendition of them that looks like a person. Me, I visualize a character and for the life of me can’t get it onto paper. And it is nice when you know that no one is seeing them wrong.

Thus Project I WILL teach myself to draw. I’m fed up, so I want to finally learn. This means a lot of noses, because that’s really the only facial feature that I am confident about drawing.

I’m excited about this. I created a pinterest board for it (you can check it out, my social media links are at the very bottom of the page), and I’ve started some of the posts. The other side of my notebook* is filling quickly.

But yeah. I’ll keep y’all posted!



*In my composition notebook, I have the right side for the story, the left for either drawing or whenever the Other Story in the notebook meets the Lost Isle. I may need to do a notebook tour, my system’s weird.



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