Pinterest Roundup: Annemarie

I thought I might share some of my favorite images of the characters- our Characters board on Pinterest has grown to over one hundred eighty pins. We’ll see how it works, I guess!

Annemarie is an interesting character. She’s pretty easygoing, but when stress builds up, it really takes a toll on her. She is Melissa’s cousin and Brandon’s girlfriend.



In this picture, she’s probably fifteen, sixteen years old. She’s at a family reunion, and the cousins have decided to have a karaoke party. For a while, she’s into it, earning the fairy lights, but she gets tired of it after a while. Maybe next year, her parents will let her bring Brandon. He might as well be part of the family anyway.




Fifteen years old. She and the others have invited Julia, a new student, to go ice skating on a pond. Melissa hits it off right away with her, and they’re off having fun, but there’s something about the girl Annemarie can’t put her finger on. She decides to watch, and Brandon joins her, of course. They end up having their first kiss.


Annemarie4Annemarie had always been captivated by the idea of magic, and when they reach Iona she’s the first to pick it up. An air elementalist, she can manipulate most gasses. This allows her to use a sort of telekinesis, thicken the air to allow her to ‘fly’ (hover), and occasionally quell/stir up the wind.





(well, mentioning her age would make it a bit of a spoiler) Probably the morning after her wedding. This is spot-on in terms of face and hair, and I’m pretty darn excited to have found it! It’s the best feeling to find a match…






Early twenties is my guess. Man, I can’t say anything without spoiling something… sometimes being a writer is hard.








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