I have no idea why I set the featured image as a thesaurus. It is a dinosaur, that I know.

But anyway, NaNo is going a HECK of a lot better than I thought it would! I hit 20k yesterday before I left on a church retreat, as was my goal, and I cannot BELIEVE it. I normally write so slowly and lose motivation. So that was great.

I’ve been averaging about 4k a day, so compared to my normal 750, 1k, that is pretty great. I’m trying to move quickly to allow some time for breaks, and as finals studying will begin in a week, two weeks, I need to be able to drop down my daily counts without sacrificing progress- that, or be able to write that much far faster. Today, as I just got back from paintball with the others and am aching all over, I’m taking a break from the NaNo story. I will probably try to write a bit for The Lost Isle, but I also might just read (Mara Dyer!).

So, short post but I really am tired- nearly a week of word sprinting alongside intense people-ing as an introvert. I’ll try to do updates every few days, but we’ll see!

Current Stats:


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