You’ll notice if you have ‘buddied’ me on the NaNoWriMo website that I have more than 24,262 words written- despite the fact that I took that screenshot a moment ago.

Week Two of NaNo is notorious for being the week where inspiration and motivation drop like a stone. Especially given the rather inspiration-crushing events of earlier this week, it can be difficult to find new ideas. However, for me, I’ve had a ton of inspiration for The Lost Isle, and it’s been torture to try to NOT write it. So I decided to stop trying.

Instead of solely writing LADY and updating it’s word count on the site, I will write whatever scene I have inspiration for, SO LONG as I have written a bit for LADY. This means that as of yesterday, all words count- whether they are LADY, Lost Isle, or that random other little short story I don’t have a name for yet.


As you can see, since day 8 or so, I’ve been not getting much done… Today, what with my new system AND a new batch of LADY ideas, I’m getting a lot more done, which is good! The new system, so far, I think is working!

Anyway, back to writing!

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