It’s a very good thing that that quote is true*.

*I hope? Is it? Please tell me that it is.

As I begin this post, I have 36,577 words logged on the NaNo website with a goal to finish today with 37k. I’ve been home sick, so it’s been word-crunch time. At this point I’ve gotten 3,550 words written today, with about four hundred to go. It’s quarter to eight, so I’ll likely make it by 8:15- alloting time to write this post, of course. Not alloting time for possible/definite sidetracking.


  • I’ve made it somewhat over a block, managing at the very least to get my people into the Upper. Who know where they go from there*?
  • I’ve lined up a copy editor to take it once I’m finished!!! Really excited about working with her, it’ll be a first for me!
    • No motivation like KNOWING THAT SOMEONE IS GOING TO LOOK AT IT AND EDIT. Just, tip here.
  • I’ve started realizing that I actually have to make a plan for where I’m going with this. Seeing as I’ve never completed a first draft while writing seriously, I need to FIGURE THIS OUT.
  • So I’m freaking out a little.
  • I’m getting way ahead of myself and looked up a few agents, but decided to just create a agent-search bookmark folder.
  • Realized that it’ll take a heck of a lot of editing and drafting to make this a book.
  • Downloaded Flow Free, highly regretted it because #addiction
  • Same with
  • Contemplated deleting formerly mentioned newly-downloaded apps
  • Didn’t.
  • Gotten horribly sidetracked on Twitter
  • Read two pages of Clockwork Angel in hopes that I could read it all today but #hahanope
  • Gotten horribly sidetracked on Google Earth streetview of Inverness and gushed over how gorgeous it is and how I need to live there at some point.
*Not me. Should I?

So as it’s nearly 8:00 and I said 8:15 for my goal, I likely should get off. So until later!


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