*spoilers may be within this review*

So, Feyre is back from Under The Mountain. She’s still got the tattoos Rhysand gave her to remember her bargain with him, and this is a bit of a shadow over her. Not to mention that she keeps waking up in the middle of the night and throwing up, thanks to the horrors she witnessed in Amarantha’s court.
She and Tamlin also have a wedding to plan. The high priestess Ianthe works with Feyre daily, trying to get her preferences regarding the ceremony- all while Feyre desperately wants to go outside and do something. Since she was Made she has been unable to paint, and now is truly hating the sedentary life. Tamlin, fearing for her safety, has forbidden her to do anything remotely dangerous. It’s been three months, and Rhysand still hasn’t come to fulfill the bargain.
But then on her wedding day, he appears to claim her. He whisks her off to the Night Court, leaving a furious Tamlin and bringing a somewhat-relieved-somewhat-angry Feyre into his home. They begin a pattern- three weeks in the Spring Court, one at Night. However, when the worst occurs, it is ultimately Rhys that comes to save her.

THIS BOOK KILLED ME. I ship Rhys and Feyre so hard, and occasionally I had to close the book and sit back to think about it. This book is a bundle of feels and I need the next ones pronto. I loved the descriptions, the relationships (seriously, you have two unattached females, two unattached males, and THEY AREN’T (CURRENTLY) DATING EACH OTHER). Tamlin… hehe there are five hundred pages without Tamlin and I am so crazy happy about that.
READ THIS BOOK. There. You need to.


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