*spoilers may be in this review*

Oh, my gosh I need the next book.
Imagine a world where magic is real- yet not present in all. Where some have no false notion that they are superior, because they actually are. In an alternate Britain, all this is true.
This is the story of a family who decides to go ahead and get their ten years of mandatory slavedays out of the way. Four of them get assigned to Kyneston, an estate owned by a family of the ruling class- the Skilled. Although they no longer have rights, they are well-fed, living in comfort.
But one person- sixteen year old Luke- gets assigned to Millmoor, an infamous slave town. There, he makes friends with a plucky little girl named Renie who introduces him to the underground rebellion. He finds himself working to make life more bearable in the hell that Millmoor is, working to publicize the supposedly-confidential vote to abolish the slavedays. He wants to make it to Kyneston, yes- but he finds it increasingly difficult to leave the new friends he has now.
At Kyneston, his sister Abi is making connections. She works in the offices with the middle son, the unskilled Jenner Parva-Jardine. A wedding must be planned for the heir, and she is in the middle of it all. But strange things keep turning up, and she won’t be able to hold in her questions much longer.
Above all of this, the upcoming abolition vote sows enmity and distrust among the council, tensions rising higher than ever.

A lot is going on with this book, and at times its hard to keep track of all the storylines. Many POVs are used, and sometimes they don’t fully make sense. All things come together in the end, and you’ll find yourself nodding slowly as you see the big picture.
That said, this truly is a good book! I LOVE the idea of a more normalized urban fantasy, and the combination of magic and modern is golden. The characters are well developed, and it’s easy to relate to them. Daisy was perhaps a little bit too precocious, but she was still one of my favorites! The storyline draws you in, and makes it impossible to put down this gem of a book.


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  1. Omg I really want to read this one now!! I had only vaguely heard of it, but it sounds AMAZING and I love urban fantasy so much and don’t read nearly enough of it.🎉 *dashes off to goodreads*

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