24 days

It’s December 1, you can do the math. Christmas is coming, and quickly.


Christmas is my favorite holiday for a few reasons in particular. Yeah, I enjoy the opportunity to get free books (because FREE BOOKS) and chocolate (nothing need be said. CHOCOLATE.), but that is certainly not all. I love the opportunity to send cards and presents to people, the excuse to buy people things. I’m a serial money-lender and with a reason? Haha ohhh yes. And I love writing cards and letters and whatever (remember the last post?) .

And this isn’t even mentioning the food. THE FOOD. I cannot get enough of the food. The house perpetually smells like gingerbread and molasses, the tree is always decorated and lit, there’s a fire in the fireplace… We make this egg dish for brunch Christmas morning, little individual servings of egg and bacon and veggies. Then there’s a saffron-and-raisin bread and a pumpkin bread (btw, pumpkin bread = <3)… *sigh* I love it too much.

And the music!

This is my playlist right now and it will play nonstop for the next few weeks, I can promise you that right now. I will never stop singing it, listening to it, lip-syncing to it, playing it on piano… just sayin’. NEVER.

So what are your holiday plans for this year? (sorry, that sounded creepy) I hope you all have lots of fun finding gifts for everyone on your list, that you can enjoy the snow and not slip on ice, that you enjoy the general atmosphere of fun and family and friends, that you don’t eat too many cookies… happy holidays in general! 😉

I understand that not all of you might celebrate the holiday, nor might you all celebrate the religious aspects, and I tend to get overexcited about it so if I offend anyone in the next few weeks, I apologize and please let me know.


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