So I have this other WIP that I never talk about. It’s the side-est of the side-projects. Really, it’s just a short story, but we’ll have to see where it goes.

I think that this one has been the hardest in that my characters are the roughest I’ve worked with. They have to say some things I’d never say, for example*. And that’s tough because when you write you are literally putting yourself out there to be judged- yet you’re also having to be someone else. Many someones else. And still using that example, diction is a HUGE part of character development. Every time I tried to use something softer, the character changed to someone with no place in the story. The world of the Haven and of Miren and Daray is a harsher world, and it’s far… grittier than the stuff I’d normally write. Nevertheless, it’s been fun and as hard as it is, I’ve really enjoyed writing it.

*minor swears. Nothing vulgar, thank you very much.

ANYWAY,  it’s on Wattpad. So you should read it. And share it. Please. Sorry for the short post but #finals and #DEADLINESFORLADYOFRAINHELP


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