Nanohop response

I was featured on Kyle’s blog, regarding my participation in Raimey Gallent’s NaNoWriMo blog hop! The original post is here!

Hi Kyle! Thank you so much for featuring me- it really made my day!

I have done both developmental editing and proofreading in the past. Because I’m still working my way into the field, I’m definitely not a professional- I’m actually a student right now, although I’m headed towards a writing-related job. Editing and graphic design are what I’ve been doing to support myself right now, or at least to populate my bookshelf- I’m rather obsessed with books, so that’s what I charge for the latter*! My budget just doesn’t have room to support my TBR and wishlist, so this is a huge help. I’m a massive book-impulse buyer/check-outer (18 books on finals week? I am under control. Definitely.) I don’t have any current editing clients, although in the past I’ve edited the work of friends and family- both fiction and nonfiction. I’m in a pretty vibrant writing community, so that’s been pretty nice!

Man, music? To be honest, I’ll sing anything. Just last week I was in a performance of Handel’s Messiah, then right after we had a few gospel numbers. Then I’ve been in a few musicals, I’m the vocalist in a jazz band, and I’ll sing anything that pops into my head at our local Farmer’s Market. My favorite genres, however, are probably the jazz and classical- I’m not the greatest with the latter, but I’ll sing it anyway! One of my favorite things about sung jazz is that no matter what your voice sounds like, you can sing it. It’s so open to interpretation that you can sing it as written or add crazy grace notes everywhere or repeat an entire section and then half of it or literally anything that tickles your fancy. Classical definitely isn’t like that, but I love being able to sing pieces that were written three hundred years ago and know that all that history is packed into the one song. That other sopranos in the past sang it, or struggled with that part, or wondered why that was written that way. There’s so much to learn from those pieces, and in singing them it’s such an experience.

Covers… my favorite has got to be this one that I did for a WIP of mine. It’s still private on Wattpad- needs a LOT of editing- but the cover I love so much.  I can’t reveal too much about the story itself, but the title on the other hand…  You know how you wake up with that one thought just running through your head? Well, this one random day, I could notstop thinking about how the word ‘lovelies’ is also ‘love lies’. And it struck me that it would make an awesome book cover, if each of the two words was a different color. So in this case, the cover came first, and the plot later, which is kind of funny!

It’s not up on Wattpad yet, and the author wanted to remain anonymous for now (current pseudonym John Doe), but I am able to share this cover with you all! 😉 I actually took the picture myself, years ago when I created a toddler bow tie pattern and, lacking a toddler to model it, used a pineapple instead. I think, aside from the picture itself, my favorite part is the blockiness of it all! You have very organized, straight text right on top of an unusual picture- kind of a visual oxymoron.  I love the general mood from it- can’t help but chuckle a bit every time I scroll past it in my pictures!

And finally, this one. I guess it’s not exactly a cover, but I think that, out of all the graphic design work I’ve done, this is my favorite. This one depicts a particular relationship in the story a friend of mine and I have been co-writing for around five years now. They are all her quotes, but I was able to go through and pick them out with her! The pictures come from her Pinterest board for the story, and we’ve decided that out of the many that we have, they represent the two characters the best. This was one of the first major graphic design projects I took on, and the one I always end up going back to. It seems to convey my style pretty well- if I were to edit it again, I’d probably put in some fade and make the overlap more obvious, but still. I love it.

Thank you again for featuring me! I love the idea of asking people questions, I was just reading through some of the others and thinking about how nice it is to be able to hear from them. The NaNo hop really is a social event, not just a lets-all-get-more-followers thing, so it’s wonderful to get to know you all better! I noticed that you used my Wattpad profile, so in case you’re curious, I’m in the process of putting up a short story I wrote a few months ago- fantasy-dystopian crossover. I hope that you’ll find it interesting! Then on my blog (, I’ve been posting snippets of my NaNo novel, Lady of Rain, along with some graphic design that I’ve done for books I’m reading or my various WIP stories.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely evening! Thanks again! 

Kathryn Thies

*One book off of my wish list for every cover or every three-five quotes… because I’m a nerd and will do nearly anything to get books. Or chocolate



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    1. kathrynthies says:

      Aww thanks, Raimey! ❤


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