As promised, here’s the tag! If you didn’t see the first post in the series, here it is: CHARACTER: Week One. It discusses the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Identifier (MBTI) types and tests in writing and in character development, and I posted some links to get you started/add to what you have already! This tag, being the first, will be an introduction to your characters and the influence of MBTI in their personalities! If you don’t know their types, feel free to go back to that post and try one (or more) of the tests! I’ll stick with my Lost Isle characters as I know them best, but you can choose whatever WIP/completed project, however many characters you want!

Introduce your characters and their types! How do they fit? How are they divergent?

(psst: if you need help, go here for in-depth information about all the types!)

Annemarie, ENFJ: She’s passionate and charismatic, two of the major characteristics of the ENFJ. She’s an altruist, an advocate, and has a strong, magnetic personality. She’ll take on causes and fight for them, loving others hard and fast. She knows her limits, though, and tends to doubt herself. She HATES conflict and is entirely devoted to Brandon. Having known him for so long, she is aware of what he likes and what he doesn’t, and she uses that to the advantage in their relationship.

Brandon, ISFP: Quiet but also spontaneous, Brandon is not obviously introverted. He’s an incredible piano player, able to pick up most pieces after listening to them a few times, and he enjoys the adrenaline rush of performing. He is normally very peaceful, able to diffuse the tension if there is any, but if he can’t there is a MAJOR problem. He can lose his temper impressively, and if someone threatens his friends (and ESPECIALLY Annemarie), heads very well might roll. However, afterward, he has to deal with crushing guilt- most of which he never displays outwardly. Annemarie can tell, being able to see right through him, but no one else can. He appreciates solitude- needs it, at times- but if he can spend time with his closest friends, he will.

Melissa, INFP: Melissa is an onion- no one truly knows her, not even herself. Years of hiding her true feelings toward Brandon have built up layers around her, indiscriminate with what they veil. She feels so deeply although no one can tell, playing host to a biting sarcasm and cynicism that she rarely voices due to the undue guilt she feels after. Melissa somehow makes friends with everyone, although she doesn’t consider them such- more ‘close acquaintances’. She’d really only consider the three others her friends, Brandon being closest to her. She took Julia under her wing when she first moved over, keeping her close even when the other girl’s attention wandered and settled on sketchier things- but Melissa never judges her for her choices.

Julia, ESTP: Hahahahahaha Julia… she’s the ESTP poster child. She’s bisexual and really doesn’t care who she’s making out with (even though she does have a girlfriend, neither of them really care about the dalliances the other has), clubbing on a fairly regular basis despite being eighteen and definitely not drinking legally. She’s an alcoholic, and fairly unapologetic about it. Her home life is pretty crappy- her father disappeared years ago and her mom is fairly absent- so a lot of what she does is to escape that reality. It’s a bit of a miracle that she goes on the trip, not really knowing Annemarie and Brandon, but they all get to know each other pretty darn fast. Julia is defiant, wild, and enjoys her fun- and no one’s gonna stop her.

What’s your type? Do you fit it? How and how not?

I’m an INFP/J, very much INF and 50% P and J- so I really bounce around the two. I’m not a weepy cinnamon roll (unless I’m reviewing books and then I’ll say that it made me cry and it probably didn’t but #feels), but I’m also a huge daydreamer and (obvious) writer. I’m a proponent of the lets-live-in-fiction-and-ignore-reality idea, but I’ll also get really worked up over politics and social justice. I sometimes try to keep the peace if stuff gets dangerous (huge left-wing friend versus huge right? Hahahahaha no bad idea break it up guys), but otherwise I love debating. Conflict can be fun in moderation. 😉

How much have you used MBTI in the past? Or did you just start now?

I’ve been using the test for characters for 6ish months, although I’ve known about it for a year and a half. The amount that I’ve used it is increasing exponentially, xD

How are you and your characters similar and different? What of yourself have you put into them?

I tend to get really passionate about things and Annemarie definitely has that! She and I both enjoy getting to know people, whether we are friends with them or not. Brandon plays piano the same way I do, without a teacher (we both have had lessons but they were years ago), but sitting down to play whatever pops into our heads. We both like the same kinds of music- jazz, indie, the like- and we like people but not all the time. Melissa, as we have the same type, has a LOT of me in her. She has that old yellow Children’s World Atlas that I had as a child and the same story of that tortilla recipe starting a tiny stove fire. She has an unfortunate love life (like me, lol) and quite a few friends- although the closeness of them is questionable. Julia has my impulsiveness, my ability to make friends with anyone but not my restraint at choosing who to hang out with.

How will your characters grow? Will they embrace who they are or hide from themselves?

Annemarie ends up battling herself for a while- wanting to settle down with Brandon but also wanting to champion the cause of Iona, and this leads to some… issues. Brandon is happy to stay with her, protecting her- thus protecting Iona- and enjoying their quiet late-night conversations. He gets the chance to play his piano ever so often- taverns closer to their destination are more likely to have them- and that makes it even better for him. Melissa comes out of her shell, bit by bit, brought out by some new friends who have the ability to strip away those layers and yet accept her for who she is. Julia learns how to moderate herself, going through some horrible things but also managing to come back from them a more mature adult. She learns how to channel her energy and passion into the cause, calming down but unable to let go of some things.


I’ll go ahead and tag Brianna da Silva from Storyport and Bethany Jennings from Simmering Mind, but feel free to pick up the tag and put your link in the comments! Don’t forget to tag others if you do! 😉

Hope you all have a good day!

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