RoseBlood had a gorgeous Victorian Gothic feel, despite being modern-day, and I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE. It’s so deliciously creepy thanks to this, and oh my word I can’t even…
Rune is possessed by music. Pretty much. She gets something in her head, and it torments her until she sings it- after which she deals with withdraw symptoms. It wasn’t always like this- when her father was alive, he’d accompany her on violin- but now that he’s gone, it comes in full force.
Sent to RoseBlood, a boarding school with a focus on theatre located in the old opera house that the Phantom supposedly lived in, she manages to screw up first impressions and land an audition for a part she never wanted- all before even starting school. When stranger things start happening, and the Phantom’s adopted son comes into her life, she realizes she might be reliving history.

I love this book to extreme proportions. Thorn is my baby and a cinnamon roll and #mustprotect. He had a really awful backstory, and a lot of that really shapes his opinions now. He has a lot of similarities to Erik (the Phantom), but also differences, and it’s those he tries to focus on. Rune also had a history, and she is forced to confront a lot of that throughout the story. Erik is tragic and definitely a bad apple, Sunny is the absolute greatest, I ship Jax and Audrey so much (he’s adorable!!!), and just yesssss. Roxie and Katarina are a pain, yeah, but Rune’s definitely got bigger problems to deal with.

In short, this book= giant pile of yyyaaaaaassssssss you need to read it. So do.


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    1. Hmm… I think that yeah, there definitely are similarities, but there are a good many differences as well. I think it really depends on what you like and don’t like about the original story, if that makes sense! There is a fairly different plot, but I think many of the stylistic elements were taken from the PotO.

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