ASDFGHJKL THIS. A few things you should know:
-Rosa is CREEPY.
-Che is wonderful and human and an actual teenage boy.
-Leilani? Gahhh she the best… So sarcastic.
-Except for Rosa. Who is crazy and psychopathic and knows it yet relishes it.
-Boxing! Which I didn’t know much about before! But it’s really cool!
-David and Sally were negligent but not unloving. They were a big part of the story, unlike other literary negligent parents.
-Antisocial Personality Disorder was portrayed accurately, at least to the extent of my knowledge of it.
-A++ for diversity! There are POC and LGBTQ+ MCs, and even though one is Christian she isn’t the stereotype!
-Being Christian myself, I really identified with her- instead of being holier-than-thou and über-conservative, she is liberal, has two mothers (one of which is a pastor), and is really tolerant of other religions and beliefs and views.
-I am a liberal Christian. This is very good.
-The entire book is like SCREW THE STEREOTYPE oh and make sure that Rosa doesn’t kill anything or burn down anything or run away or manipulate people or hurt things/people or be bad or exhibit too many psychopathic tendencies. Because there’s hope! Right?


6 thoughts

    1. I think a lot of the story was Che trying really hard to live what he saw as a ‘normal’ teenage life while simultaneously trying to keep his sister out of trouble. So yeah, I wouldn’t call it a thriller- there wasn’t a ton of action- but I liked seeing how Che was affected in NOT always keeping an eye on Rosa. He doesn’t always spend time with her, and the book is a lot of what results from that. I guess you’d have to read it to figure out your thoughts regarding it, but don’t go in expecting it to all be creepy-psychopath-kid all the time!


    1. Yeah, no problem! I loved how it’s not always Rosa and you get into the comfort of Che and his boxing and his friends but oops, there’s-the-psycho-sister-can’t-forget-that. It almost made it creepier for me, you know?


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