The Last Shadow Gate- Book Review

I received an ebook copy from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. Minor spoilers may be present in this review.

This was really adorable! It actually reminded me a lot of The Emerald Atlas, a book I read six-some years ago yet loved, and midway through I definitely got alllllll the Oz vibes. It’s about a brother and sister (okay, half-brother and half-sister. But for clarity’s sake…) who don’t necessarily get along but still are sent to live with their great-grandmother for the summer. She’s supposedly insane, believing that her missing (presumed dead) husband is still alive and currently residing in another world. He’d been looking for a so-called Shadow Gate, and she believes that he did find it.

The children, Naomi and Gavin, are bored so of course, they decide to play along- and end up finding the gate themselves. They are transported to this other world where half-man half-spider people live alongside other crazy species and their great-grandfather is venerated by many. In order to get home, they will have to continue his mission and complete it.

I did enjoy this book. I’m having to do a lot of research on massacres and similar events, so it was a happy break from that. It was fast-paced and engaging, and I found myself getting really into it! I loved the characters and the pure strangeness of the other world. There was some disconnect at times, and I really am not a huge MG reader, but even still it was a great read! Sometimes it was hard to keep track of what all was going on, but all in all I’d definitely recommend it- in fact, I have a younger cousin who might enjoy it. Hmm…. *searching for email addresses because yes*

Thank you for letting me take part in the tour!


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