No, I’m not on hiatus, but you may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. Life has been INSANE (and I mean bronchitis meaning I have to miss class meaning I have to catch up meaning I get like two hours of sleep. Meaning naps. So.), and I’m actually out of town now (you know that if you follow me on social media, lol!). I have had so little time to read, let alone post… 😦 but I do have a review queued up soon, so that’s good!!! Spoiler alert: YOU MUST FREAKING READ THE LOVE INTEREST WHEN IT COMES OUT.


Anyway, so, as the title suggests, I am on vacation. My dad has meetings in Maui, and they happened to correlate with when my sister and I had time off, so we all got to go!


Caroline, as we waited for our first plane to take off!

We took two flights to get here, one from our local airport to Dallas Fort Worth, then DFW to Kahului Airport. An hour and a half-ish, a supposed-one-hour layover that turned out to be ten minutes (thank goodness Starbucks was nearby, we needed breakfast by then!), and eight hours more. We arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon, or, as it felt like, seven o’clock at night.

HOWEVER, because of course, we couldn’t just enjoy the fact that we’d arrived nearly an hour early, the rental car was slow to come and after two hours we gave up and got a taxi. We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, walking on the beach (me stubbing my toe, skinning my knee, and tripping, Caroline running gracefully along the beach without a care in the world), and slowly realizing exactly how long we’d been up. We drove, somewhat dazed, to a little seafood restaurant and managed to stay awake (not: not necessarily alert) through dinner and a trip to the grocery store.

Today began with a long walk along the beach- crowded, but not horrible. We returned to the room for the rest of my family to change into suits (too many people = extensive introverting required for me) and go back down. I’ve been listening to jazz and the waves while downloading all my photos (I’ve only taken about a hundred forty in the past two days! Yay! Right?) and writing this post. It’s still strange to think about it only being noon here; it feels like 5:00 and like I should be eating dinner soon. Lunch, I suppose? We still have leftovers from yesterday, so I guess I’ll eat that, but idk… I’m so used to fish and chips using cod, but they make it with mahi mahi here (please don’t kill me, animal rights people, I was assured that it was humane and whatever plus I was really curious), and it’s not precisely my favorite kind of fish. We’re talking about going to a farmer’s market tomorrow, and since that is my favorite sort of place, yesssss.

Hope you’re all having a good Monday!



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