Book Review: The Red Balloon

I see on Goodreads that this book is slated to have a sequel and OMG I NEED IT NOW.

The Girl With the Red Balloon is incredible and wonderful and profound and thought-provoking and wonderful. It is DEFINITELY a new favorite book of mine- never seen anything similar and guyssssssssss I want more balloon travel asap. Nope. Not just little hot-air balloon rides. I mean, magical red helium balloons that teleport you across the walls that confine you, whether they be actual, physical walls, or, *cough cough more illegally*, time. Because, when you think about it, time is one of the tallest and most confining walls that we come across. If not THE tallest.

Things I loved:
-DIVERSITY. Omg the pure DIVERSITY of all the characters. Ellie is Jewish. Kai and Sabina are POC and Romani (which is freaking AMAZING and can we have more Romani characters? Please?), and Mitzi is lesbian and she has teal hair and I adooooooorrrrrrreeeee Mitzi. She and Kai have the actual best friendship.
-That said, MITZI. She is officially my girlfriend. No arguments. AND SINCE THE BOOK HASN’T COME OUT YET, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I WAS FIRST. MITZI IS MINE.
-I ship it soooooo hard, too…..
-Time travel. I’m a sucker for time travel.
-How many time travel books include East Berlin? HOW MANY? See?
-GUYSSSSS EAST. FREAKING. BERLIN. My family actually has a lot of ties to Germany- my dad was there shortly before the Wall fell, and his German exchange-student-brother was there that night- so I grew up with the stories. I actually believed that the USSR was still together until I was maybe nine, but I digress sooooooo….
-I speak a lot of German, so it was the best, trying to translate dialogue into how it would actually be, and then translating the other German words.
-Kai and Mitzi’s relationship in general.
-Mitzi and Ellie’s friendship.
-More Mitzi. Mitzi is goals. Mitzi is my girlfriend. Just in case you didn’t notice already.

Things I didn’t like so much:
-Ummmm……….I’m not actually sure there was anything I didn’t like?
-Oh, wait a second. It wasn’t longer. That was sad. I want more of my girlfriend and my OTP.

Add this on Goodreads!!! It’ll come out on 1 September sooooooo make sure you get it!!! ❤ Have you met my girlfriend Mitzi? No? Make sure you do.

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