Brief Hiatus

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting lately, and as I have noticed, it’s not the most considerate to keep you waiting without any info as to the why. I’ve come to the conclusion that, having become so busy, in favor of not getting pneumonia again (believe me, I know it’s May but it’s happened before), I should probably go on hiatus.

I guess technically (or not technically? Pfft, I don’t care, I’m a writer. I come up with new meanings for words all the time) I’ve been on it for several weeks (sorry about that, by the way) already. I shouldn’t need that much more time, thankfully- a week, two weeks, maaaaybe three at most- so don’t worry. *Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* I’ll be back.

I’m a student. You probably know that. But as a student, and as it’s the end of the semester, finals are looming pretty high right now. Studying has veritably taken over my life, and it’s actually a miracle that I’m able to write this. I’ve been able to read a bit, but I haven’t had time for reviews, unfortunately- but I’ll definitely write them, once *glaring* my classes stop trying to murder me. Assuming that, you know, they don’t succeed.

The exams will be over next week, but I might take a little longer than that in order to… recalibrate? Recover? Recouperate? Possibly resurrect myself? If I have the chance stamina back in time, I’ll schedule more posts and you should see some more content up. But until then…. wish me luck. And if you’re taking/preparing for exams, I hope you do well, and that they don’t kill you.

Hope you’re having a lovely night! Comment and tell me something you’re looking forward to, once I finish going through this particular class’s notes I’ll come back and read them! We can look forward to whatever it is together. *hugs*



2 comments on “Brief Hiatus”
  1. lyndleloo says:

    Good luck with your exams Katie! Let me know if and when you want another round of beta reading doing, if my notes were even coherent or helpful last time 😂 x


    1. kathrynthies says:

      Thank you! I passed, lol! ❤ I'll definitely let you know- thank you so much! Hope you're well!
      x Katie

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