I’m baaaaaaack!!!

So you may have noticed that Bookwise looks a little different.

I’m excited to, in this post, announce that https://bookwiseblog.com is officially a thing. My little book blog isn’t a .wordpress.com thing anymore!!! And I can’t help but feel that with this change, we’re moving into a new stage of bookishness.


In the coming weeks, you will see more posts. I’ve been reading furiously on this hiatus and reviewing more so those will be coming! I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo to rewrite book one of the Lady of Rain duology*, Glass, and snippets may appear as well. I’m still exploring more post ideas and writing and trying to figure out everything (like… how exactly does this theme work? Still not sure, so pardon any mishaps. The old one was a bit simpler, even if I like this design better.


I’ve been taking a ton of #bookstagram pictures, too (as you may have seen if you came here from there), and you can look forward to seeing some of those! 😉 Still working on the giveaway, but I promise it’s coming. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter (@katie_bookwise), as that’s where it’ll come from!

What things do you want to see from Bookwise? I’m always happy to talk, happy to get new ideas, happy to know that someone is actually reading all this in general. So comment! Let me know what you think! Do you blog? I’d be happy to read or comment or whatever. Just…. comment…. xD

Hope you’re all having a good evening!



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