Or, as we shall refer to it today, #TopTwelveTuesday. It still has the alliteration, so it works… right?


1. Lada from And I Darken

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (6)

My stabby, sadistic, horrifying, gender-bent Vlad the Impaler. Somehow despite doing horrible things, we adore her.

And her brother is adorable, too. Doesn’t do much, but I mean, Lada. She could be the only character in the entire book and we’d probably like her. She’s somehow a really sympathetic character, even being, ya know, female Vlad the Impaler, and I don’t really know what to think about that.

But the covers so far have been gorgeous, so the scales are officially tipped. Lada is wonderful. These books are wonderful. Yes.

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (5)

 2. Xifeng from Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (11)

This comes out in October, so I can’t say much but people. Xifeng is so stabby and dark and such an antiheroine and just what.

I also didn’t actually realize that this was an antihero book until I read it, so it was a wonderful surprise.

Put this on your list. You will love it, I promise.

3. The Darkling, from the Grisha trilogy

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without the Darkling. He’s just creepy and evil and, if I’m being honest, there’s a reason people ship him with Alina.

4. Victor from Vicious

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (10)

Hahahahaha VICTOR

You just have to love characters who mess around with life so much that they create EOs, right?

Nope, not talking about essential oils. ExtraOrdinaries. People who can do things. Special things.

Can you tell that I’m writing this around midnight again?

Image result for sleep is for the weak gif

Well. In this case, I need to flail over various morally questionable characters.

5. Holland from the Shades of Magic trilogy

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (5)

HOLLAND. *inarticulate sobbing from corner*

Holland is just precious and damaged and has gone through some stuff in life. He’s not a villain, per say, nor honestly an antihero- just someone who runs into some really, really, really bad luck.

As in, hello everyone trying to kill him. Hello horrible sadistic bosses. Hello possession and psychological torture.

In my opinion, the bosses were the worst of them.

“The bodies in my floor all trusted someone. Now I walk on them to tea.”
― Victoria SchwabA Darker Shade of Magic

Holland’s got it rough, you can’t blame him for being a bit of a jerk.

6. AIDAN from the Illuminae Files trilogy

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (7)


He tries so hard, okay? He literally thinks he’s doing the right thing, since it’s all for the greater good and the logistics point to it being a better idea- no matter how marginally- and he has no concept of humanity because he’s not human– my love for AIDAN will never end.

I mean, look:

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (1)

No. No, you aren’t, AIDAN. But we love you anyway.

7. Locke Lamora from The Lies of Locke Lamora

He’s a brilliant con man who sasses everyone to death. What more do you need, honestly?

8. Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows



Also a brilliant con man who’s actually, like, sixteen. But Kaz, like Holland, has seen some stuff in life, and he’s not the most pleasant person because of it. Granted, we also don’t seem to mind unpleasant characters that much…

Kaz is just wonderful, okay? Bless him.

Yep, it’s late.

9. Nathan from Half Bad

*inarticulate sobbing* he tried and…and…. *sobbing more*

10. The Goblin King from Wintersong

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (4)

  • Mysterious
  • Feral
  • Erlkönig, all right??? That’s enough to make me read it.
    • I’m a German nerd don’t judge me.
      • (any of you speak German too? Hi? No? *crawls back to corner*)
  • We never actually know his name… maybe in Shadowsong?
  • He plays violin!!!! So therefore my love.

Okay, so he’s definitely not a villain or an antihero, but he’s certainly mysterious and there’s some dark magic going around. Not nearly as bad as this Erlkönig (this is a poem by Goethe about a dying kid hallucinating that the Erlkönig is coaxing him into his kingdom with various… not very tempting things. This page here has a somewhat okay translation (IT DOES NOT MEAN ELF KING ALL RIGHT. Best translation ‘goblin king’, literal translation ‘alder king’), if you need it. And now: German Kidzbop singing creepy poems far too enthusiastically.

11. Nemesis from The Diabolic

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (9)

Elevator pitch: Killer genetically-engineered thing realizes that, contrary to what she’s been told/what should be possible, she has feelings.

Yep. Darling Nemesis has to deal with that which is known as the emotion. Poor thing. The struggle is real.

12. Minya from Strange the Dreamer

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (6)

She looks like a kid, but definitely isn’t and she’s got an army of ghosts. What’s not to like?

I mean, she overuses blackmail and all of those ghosts have been enslaved in order to prevent her and her fellow godspawn companions from having to deal with people, but really. #Relatable

Minya is one creepy little 20-something child.

Have you read any of these? Who is your favorite questionable character? Anyone I missed? 

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

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