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*trigger warning: depression/anxiety, suicidal thoughts*

This is probably actually more like a 4.9-star book, because I had like one quibble. And it was kind of an important quibble, too. BUUUUUUT. ONE.
That’s pretty darn good.

Eliza and Her Monsters was such a wonderfully relatable book. I’m definitely not secretly famous and I can’t draw to save my life (*sobbing*), but I am and artist (WRITING IS ART OK) and I deal with my share of anxiety regarding it. The portrayal of panic attacks was so accurate I had Many A Feeling with them. I relate. Also, writers’ block? The complete and total lack of motivation she had? I got that so much.

The portrayal of Eliza’s feelings throughout the book were so spot-on I almost cried.

Or maybe that might be because I’ve gotten very little sleep for the past few days.

So, onto my quibble. I really disliked how it talked about Wallace “bringing [Eliza] out of her shell”. I mean, I get it- because she connected with someone IRL, she ended up spending more time outside the house and met more IRL people. Yeah. But talking about ‘shells’ as though it’s a negative thing? Idk, it just seems kind of like it’s saying that people who cultivate their relationships, work, and generally spend most of their time online are… worse than others? Not up to par with the ‘rest of society’? I don’t know how to word this properly, but I hope you get it. It seemed to me as though that wording was dismissing the community online. This is, if you excuse my sappiness for a moment, the community where I feel most at home- surrounded by people who love what I love, who get my obsession with books and understand when I buy too many of them or spend too much time at one in the morning rearranging them because I’m thinking too much and that’s never a good thing. It’s where I can be fully and unapologetically myself- the fangirl who’s just trying to puzzle out where I fit in the world. And I think I’ve found it- also thanks to the community.
Granted, it can turn into a garbage fire occasionally because people can’t use common sense and just be considerate to each other, but even in those cases you see how supportive people can be. You having a bad day? Here are seventy-three gifs of puppies and emergency-hug chickens. Happy birthday! Here’s a picture of Charlie Chaplin and confetti! Oh, you finished that book honey I know how you feel here’s some virtual chocolate and- you guessed it- more puppy gifs.
And when it’s worded like that- someone fairly similar to myself having a ‘shell’ that she ‘needs’ to come out of- you get why that feels kind of hurtful?

And I know I just ranted for a very long paragraph about that, but this was definitely not a huge thing in relation to everything else. It’s obvious that the author doesn’t mean it this way, and I do understand- it isn’t a bad thing to get out of the house and off the computer, once in a while. I’m honestly probably seeing things that aren’t there, and this is more a quibble with the blurb rather than the book, but I’m probably just tired. xD

All in all, this book probably makes it on to the favorites-of-2017 list. It’s just so relatable and I love it far too much. It was gorgeous, her relationship with Wallace was awesome, and (excuse the redundancy but) just. how. relatable. this was………. *dying* thank you.

Thank you for letting me ramble. Now stop reading this and start reading the book.

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  1. Wonderfully written review. I recently finished reading this and WOW – it was definitely worth all the hype! I absolutely adored Eliza – she’s such a relatable character. I also really liked how the author didn’t totally leave Eliza’s parents out of the story which is often the case in post YA. The only part that I had a problem with was Wallace’s response to discovering Eliza’s “true identity” and the fact that he basically held her responsible for his own future – not cool.
    Anyways, I look forward to more of your posts in the future… Happy Reading! 🙂

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