I’ve found myself accumulating more books exponentially, and what with working at the library- I have to turn many of them in. A good (ish? Help???) occupational hazard.

As you may know, this leads to many books going unread. I preordered books way back in April and May, I get them with the summer reading program (bless them, at this library there are programs for YA and NA/Adult books as well as for small children), and… well, I may need a new bookshelf soon.


tbr books i am desperate to read (7)
this is only a part of the overflow… *looks at other piles nervously*


1. Now I Rise, by Kiersten White

tbr books i am desperate to read (1)

This one has already made it into several posts. I’m a history nerd (I once wrote a short historical fiction story retelling the life of Elizabeth Woodville. It turned out very badly.), and this is a genderbent Vlad Dracul for goodness sake. I NEED.

Also why do I adore Lada so much… that… probably isn’t a good thing.

2. The Girl From Everywhere, by Heidi Heilig

tbr books i am desperate to read (2).jpg

Do I adore maps? Ships? Time travel? Travel in general, because who are we really kidding? Check to all of them.  I checked this out once, waaay back in… oh gosh that was a year ago… August of last year when I was a baby blogger- but I never got around to actually reading it. TL;DR, this seems perfectly up my alley and as soon as I can I need.

Quick thought- have any of you managed to figure out yet how to absorb books via osmosis? I’m trying to figure out how but so far have only ended up with a bad crick in my neck. Putting hardcovers under the pillow is apparently not a great idea.

3. The Accident Season, by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

tbr books i am desperate to read (3).jpg

Apparently, this has a really unique, somewhat vague writing style, and I’ve been in the mood for that lately. Thanks to classes starting back up again in a few days I’ve been crazy busy, and reading/writing has not been happening. I’m eager to come back to gorgeous writing and mysterious curses and whatnot.

4. The Disappearances, by Emily Bain Murphy

tbr books i am desperate to read (4)

MORE MYSTERIOUSNESS. See my current reading mood? xD This is a fairly new one, actually, one I preordered back in… May? And now it’s here and August and I haven’t gotten to it yet. Which is unfortunate.

Another reason I’m excited for this is that the MC’s name is Aila and I have a character named Aila. Same unusual spelling for a lesser-known name. Weird reason, I know, but still… don’t mind me.

*slinks back to corner*

5. Bone Gap, by Laura Ruby

tbr books i am desperate to read (5).jpg

*indistinguishable mutterings about patterns and how I just really love vague mysteriousness*

Seriously though, I didn’t actually notice this until now but three out of six of these books have really similar major plot points- disappearances of things/feelings/people/whatever and accidents. Things going wrong. I’ve got to get to reading these asap.

6. The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater

tbr books i am desperate to read (6).jpg

*runs away crying with feelings and love for this writing style and setting and plot and everything*

I adore Maggie Stiefvater.

If you are perchance under the impression that this is my entire physical TBR or that these are the only physical TBR books I look forward to, you are sadly(??? is it a good thing? Idk actually.) mistaken. My physical TBR is a good deal larger and notably scarier than a mere six books, and every book on it I wait for most ardently.

(ok I’ll stop with the flowery language now)

I’m looking at my bookshelf right now and noticing all the other books that deserve a place on this list but, as to the luck of the ‘which books can Katie grab and photograph with the least amount of difficulty’ draw, they lost out. Seriously. I can’t wait to read Jackaby and Shadowshaper, but they’re currently underneath a good nine or ten other books and jammed in between the shelf wall and another nine books, those books underneath Gemina which is jammed in between said other books, shelf wall, and the shelf ceiling.


What books are you most looking forward to on your TBR? What are you reading right now? Let me know in the comments, it’s nice to know that someone at least is reading my random bookish ramblings. xD

3 thoughts

  1. AHHHH I SO NEED TO READ BONE GAP. The Scorpio Races is really good! So is The Girl From Everywhere, though the time travel aspects are frequently very confusing.

    I’m currently reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (well-written, but not particularly suspenseful) and Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer (SO. FREAKING. AMAZING.) I’d say I’m most looking forward to continuing the Artemis Fowl books!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


  2. Hiiii! I’ve promised to visit your blog ages ago during my blog hop, but I don’t think I have yet – busy busy! Sorry about that 🙂 but here I am!
    Trust me, you’re not just growing your shelf exponentially because you work at a library. I don’t, and yet the same happens to me 😀 it’s just a bookworm thing, lol!
    Did you ACTUALLY put it under your pillow? 😀 hilarious!
    Now my situation… I have been approved for 106 (7?) books on NetGalley. I have read only 42 of those. Do you see a discrepancy here xD that is my situation!!! 😀 so maybe I should write a post like this too 😀


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