Yep, that’s right- my classes have officially started and this has most certainly been scheduled days in advance because #busy.

*edit* this was not scheduled days in advance. Still #busy. Apologies.

Thanks to it being back-to-school season, I thought I might utilize #TopTenTuesday’s School Freebie and come up with a list of classes some of my favorite characters should definitely, by all means, please for the love of all that is good, teach. Some of them- disclaimer- I might not want to put to use, but you know what?

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Heists- Kaz Brekker and Locke Lamora


Obviously not a lesson I could put into practice without getting arrested, but definitely an interesting one! Plus writer=I need to know weird things.


Sorry, NSA, if you track that one secret Pinterest board.

Swordplay- Arya Stark

Honestly pretty self-explanatory- (a), SWORDPLAY, (b), this is probably one of the few physical activities I could get myself to do without having to bribe myself.

Also, I feel like since Arya has had so many people teach her things over the years, she’d know a pretty broad range of techniques.

Painting/Art- Julian Blackthorn and Karou


I cannot, as you may know, art. Still, I love trying and running my self-esteem into the ground.

Julian, we know, is great with children- therefore patient- and would probably not mind me as a student so much. Karou, I don’t know, but she’s one of my favorite characters ever so that’d be fun whether she ended up lowkey hating me or not.

Music- August and Elisabeth/Liesl

Classes (1).jpg

I like playing instruments and singing. Maybe, with August as my teacher, my soul would risk accidentally getting stolen* BUT IT’D BE WORTH IT. Also I really like just sitting down at the piano and figuring out random songs, so Liesl might be able to help me go from random ear-arrangements to actually maybe composing something.

*My soul isn’t red. Unless slapping at mosquitos counts as murder…

Sailing/Pirating- Alucard Emery and Lila Bard

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (5)

Also something that’d be illegal but fun to know because *frantically gestures to title of class*. Sailing! And! Pirating! That’d be really interesting even to only know about, don’t tell me otherwise.

History- whoever the narrator is in The Historian

YES, I get that this is not YA nor is it any of the genres I normally review, but I reviewed it anyway back in January. Whoever the narrator was in this book (read the review, I go into it more) did an incredible job of, ahem, narrating the story- so much so that I was convinced of it’s reality, at times. You learn stuff that you don’t realize you’re learning, and any author/book/narrator that can do that……

Image result for mic drop gif

Acrobatics- Inej Ghafa


Ummmmm Inej??? Ghafa??? Acrobatics???

I’m hopeless at anything along these lines, but I have a feeling she’d be such a good teacher that she could work magic.

Repairing Things- Linh Cinder

At the rate that I trip over and break things, and at the level of expertise repairing them (duct tape, if all else fails sitting in desk for approximately 8462 years and then getting thrown in the high-tech futuristic waste bin by some descendant of me or my sister or someone in my family or maybe the neighbor), I could use Cinder’s guidance. She would likely have some good tips to offer? Maybe? Hopefully?

Strategy- Lada Dracul

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (4)

Another probably TERRIBLE idea (if you don’t know Lada from And I Darken, she’s genderbent Vlad Tepys aka the Impaler aka Dracula.

As I said, terrible idea.

Image result for dracula cape gif

Welsh- Gansey

Classes (2).jpg

I went through a bit of a Welsh phase when I was a kid, and honestly I’d love to keep it up. Gansey would not only be able to speak it (don’t even try to tell me that he wouldn’t be fluent) but he’d know all the interesting facts and legends and histories and it wouldn’t just be learning it’d be fun.


I apologize throughly for this coming about twenty-one and a half hours late…. classes have once again taken over my life. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but that hope is definitely in vain because what even.

Hope you’re having a lovely evening (or whatever time it is when you’re reading this)!

One thought

  1. This is such a cool post!!

    ALSO: YEESSSSS about Inej. I would so take any class she taught. And YEEESSS about learning how to pull off heists with Kaz. Basically YEESS about everything.

    Also same, I would love strategy lessons from Lad. But at the same time, she would probably get so frustrated by my lack of knowledge and common sense that I wouldn’t come out of the class in one piece :’)


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