I honestly don’t know who I’d call my book boyfriend/girlfriend, mainly because those who come to mind first have a good deal of baggage with them. So instead of that, let’s systematically evaluate the extent of the relationship I would have with them.

I’m warm and fuzzy like that.

EDIT 10/7/17: For those unfamiliar with the book boyfriend/girlfriend/etc idea, it’s basically a measurement of how much you like that particular character. Would you spend 24/7 with them? Coffee ever so often? Would you take on that character’s personality/responsibilities/home? I recognize that there was a bit of confusion, so I hope this clears it up!


Karou in Poison Kitchen from Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Image credit Manidiforbice


Karou, from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

No Bookwise list would be complete without a Laini Taylor something-or-other, and this is no exception. Karou has blue hair, can draw gorgeously (can I see her sketchbook please and thank you), and has a ridiculously mysterious background. I don’t think I’d want to marry her, nor be friends or whatever- she’d have to go off on so many adventures by herself, and I’d probably pull a Zuzana-and-Mik and… well, no spoilers. Honestly, I’d like to be Karou. Though preferably without a Kazimir in my life, thank you very much.


Image credit: OblivionsDream


Julian Blackthorne, from Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight

Hahaha oh, Julian. He’s one I’d probably marry immediately. Not only is he also an artist (I like artists, okay? It’s a skill I do not have, and therefore admire greatly), but he’s practically raised his siblings since he was a kid, and they’ve turned out fine. #skills

Mitzi, from The Girl With The Red Balloon


I read this one back in March, and if you were following me then, you know how I feel about Mitzi. She’s probably one of my favorite characters ever, and if I had the chance- yeah, I’d probably marry her. For the sole reason of having her around and probably having Kai and Elli over and getting to see and hear their banter, and having her drag me to obscure East German underground parties and getting to even just experience that? Yes. I adore Mitzi.


August. This Savage Song. (Victoria-Flynn|tumblr)
Image credit: lordbelaliel.tumblr.com (? If anyone knows, please tell me!)


August Flynn, from This Savage Song


Best friend, for sure. August needs a friend. Really needs a friend. And I haven’t murdered anyone, so we could play violin duets together without worrying too much!

Actually, that’s probably a bad idea. Never mind. We’re still friends, though.

Portrait of Molly Peskin-Suso by http://elvishness.tumblr.com
Image credit: elvishness.tumblr.com


Molly, from The Upside of Unrequited

The Upside of Unrequited

Best friends, totally. I feel like we’d have a lot in common, and just… click. She’s a Pinterest obsessee, has a wonderful sister, and a great friend. She’s just the kind of person anyone could be friends with and the kind of person you know that you can talk to about anything.


Inspired by AIDAN and Kady, The Illuminae Files by @misterkristoff and @amiekaufman, and sci-fi at its sassiest
Image credit: Elluna


AIDAN, from Illuminae

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (7)

Say what you will, but personally, I’m up for becoming as much of a friend to AIDAN as one can to a psychopathic computer, and then destroying the world together. Or perhaps settling for a position as vice president, instead. #AIDANforPrez2020


If you know who did this, let me know.


Scarlet Benoit, from Scarlet


Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)
(is it just me, or does the sticker bother you, too?)

Scarlet Benoit is good with food, is not to be underestimated with a gun,  is short (like me!), and somehow manages to convince Wolf that she can be trusted. Heck yeah, I’d love to be her.

The Erlkönig, from Wintersong

villains, antiheroes, and general shady characters I adore (4)

Oohhh… this is a tricky one. On one hand, being the queen would be fun, though I’d die eventually and painfully. On the other, being him would be fun, too. Either way, I’d get to rule, and that would be the best part of it all.

To marry or to be? Sounds like a certain Shakespeare quote…

You know, let’s ignore the whole #AIDANforPrez2020 and just establish an absolute monarchy. Diarchy? It wouldn’t be a dictatorship, would it?

I should be better at government than this.

Image result for shame gif downton abbey


Arya Stark by isaac hein iii
Image credit: Isaac Hein III


Arya Stark, from A Song of Ice and Fire

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

Okay, this isn’t even a question. I’d be her. She pretty much fights the entire series to get back to her family and to avenge them, and has gone through so much… Granted, as I’m a nerd who actually read/takes the books as law, she’s not back quite yet, but it is nice to spoil myself and watch the Arya scenes that haven’t technically taken place.

chitobabe:  someone asked if i would draw elias so I DID
Image credit: Taylor Draws

Elias Veturius, from An Ember In The Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes

ELIAS NEEDS A FRIEND, OKAY. He’s a poor, damaged cinnamon roll, and could use some nice company. And probably a cup of tea. And cookies. And besides, being friends with the ***redacted bc NOT TODAY SPOILERS*** could be useful, someday.

If I wasn’t friends with Elias though, and I didn’t think he was perfectly fine with the relationship he has been given, and I didn’t want to get in the way of notable other friend who happens to be able to murder me nicely- I’d totally marry him.

You know what? I’d never be able to not anger Helene. So let’s stop talking now.


Who are your bookish relationships? What characters would you love to be? Tell me in the comments! I’m eager to know! 😉 

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  1. Ahh August Flynn ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, I'd totally be Best Friends with Julian, and I'd marry his Half Brother 🙂

    Check out my Top 10 Book Boyfriends HERE


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