Busy-ness and a General Reflection Upon Life

You may have noticed I haven’t posted for a while.

Indeed, it’s been almost three weeks since my Scorpio Races review went up. I’ve wanted to post- I have nine, ten half-finished drafts of reviews and list posts and everything, not including the #TopTenTuesday spreadsheet I tried to create to help be more organized- but it’s just not happened. I don’t know if it’s writers’ block or mental exhaustion or what, but I’ve been quite stuck.

I haven’t been reading as much, either. This I know could largely be due to the amount of work I’ve had combined with general life responsibilities, but it’s hard to simply pin it on that when I’ve had some free time in which I haven’t been reading or writing. I’ve been watching Vikings. I’ve played the Sims*. I knit one sock (but didn’t finish it off because I had no motivation to and it’s just sat in my basket for maybe four months now? This slump has lasted longer than I realized).

*Please tell me at least some of you create your characters on the Sims… please…


Screenshot (22)
Hello Jarl Borg…. *grinning evilly*


A short digression to obsess over this show: No, it’s not wonderfully made. There are weird breaks between each scene, and the history is all over the place. Artistic liberties have been taken with certain elements of the culture. BUT, the shots are gorgeous, the scenes are incredibly detailed, the acting is pretty good, and the culture is so much better represented than other Viking-related shows/movies/books I’ve seen. If you’re looking for a less graphic, more historical, Game-of-Thrones-like show, yes. If you’re looking for a show, yes. If you’re human, yes.

And another short digression to discuss the Sims. Is it weird? Slightly difficult to explain that you’re working? Yes, definitely. But it is fun to build your characters and their homes (as best as you can, of course, especially when writing SFF it’s not perfect by a long shot), and it’s a really great idea to get into their heads this way. You can create some of your plot points*, see how the characters react, and sometimes get new plot points just because it’s so random and occasionally genius.

*THOUGH make sure you actually kill off your characters, not just remove them from their houses, because if you do that they may come back and get their ex-girlfriends (who’s SUPPOSED to murder him but can’t because it’s the Sims and there are no serial killers as of yet) pregnant. Not kidding. This has happened. It was unfortunate. Her husband found out and was Angry for, like, a week.


This also happened. I wrote 8.5 thousand words of a novel I was really excited about, then lost it. I rewrote a scene four or five times, even though you’re not technically supposed to do that. I did everything I normally do to get myself out of writers’ block, and it just didn’t work. It’s not a matter of plotting, I did that, but just… I don’t know. And it’s not that I’m not excited about it now, it’s just that I can’t write. I can sort of write other things, if I force myself to, but this one is just completely and totally stuck.

I’ve even, to be totally honest, just given up and watched Youtube videos for three hours eating bags of discount post-Halloween chocolate.

It’s been a bad month.

But on the bright side, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow (as much as I try to deny it, she’s going to be fifteen. That child is nearly halfway to thirty. I’m not okay with that.), and I have all of her birthday and Christmas presents in my drawer, ready to be wrapped. My mom’s birthday was in early November, and that was lovely. My cousins and their small children were in town, and I got to experience the rite of being spit-up on (and not caring about it). I got to watch the four-year-old and two-year-old wrestling with Caroline as she taught them how to play Airplane. I, as you already know, discovered Vikings and re-discovered my love of history. I got to stand next to Maggie Stiefvater at a signing, taking pictures and relaying messages along the signing line for her, not to mention getting to walk out with her and a couple other library people and see her autograph another person’s (really cool!) car. I’ve gotten to know some really incredible people that I’ve known for years, but not really become good friends with until now.  Sitting here, in Starbucks, with an outline and textbook I really should be studying instead of writing this, I’m realizing this: It’s December. After this, it’s finals, then Christmas, and we’re done with the garbage fire that 2017 has been. Granted, 2018 still seems like the distant future, but we’ve made it. Maybe a little bit worse for the wear, but maybe next year will be better.

I recognize that this isn’t the kind of post that you followed me for, and I’m sorry.

Actually, I’m not. I refuse to feel guilty for posting something that’s already made me feel better. I hope that someone reads this and feels better about themself, too. Because we all need to take a moment to survey the year behind us and look forward to the future.

I have no idea what the point of this post even has been, aside from the whole yeah-my-life-has-been-crazy-but-maybe-it’ll-be-ok. Honestly, a couple months ago, the last five words of that phrase wouldn’t have been the first to come to mind. This year has been good in parts, but… not great in others. I’m worried I might have damaged- well, at least changed, and not for the better- some friendships forever. But looking back, I think I’m okay.

That shouldn’t be such a… gravitational thing to say. But it kinda feels like it is.

Screenshot (28).png

On a TOTALLY different note, *gesturing frantically* I have a Society6 shop now! Until tomorrow, December 4th, there’s 25% off everything, on the 5th there’s $8 off phone cases and laptop sleeves, 25% off stickers, skins, backpacks, totes, pouches, mugs of all kinds, notebooks, and stationery cards, and free shipping on all of these. On the 6th, there’s 30% off home decor and wall art.

There are a lot of sales.

I’ve got a couple of designs up right now (not all the landing-page thumbnails are my favorite thumbnails, pretty soon I’ll have a page on here with all the full images so you can get a better idea of what you’re getting, so click through on the store to see what’s good) with more to come as soon as I have time. E.g. after finals.

Shameless plug: please buy my designs so that I can buy more chocolate and books for the next time I can’t write/need desperately to motivate myself to write. Also, I bought the Book Titles carry-all pouch for myself because my old pencil case was falling apart, and I adore it. Here’s a picture of me right now, because I have it on me and am actually wearing lipstick and ok eyeliner and I’ll stop now:


(Ignore the weird fuzziness of the image.)

This is the medium size, and it’s a really great quality! I love looking at all the book titles and remembering reading each one.

Hope you’re all having a good evening! Sorry for the long slightly-angsty post, and I hope I can post more often this month.

AGH! Last thing, I promise: is anyone interested in a holiday card exchange? Let me know in the comments!



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