The Upside of Unrequited: A Kindred Pinterest Fiend

Granted, Molly is often more in the stereotypical side of Pinterest actually uses Pinterest the way Pinterest was intended to be used, a la recipes and crafts- which I only do on rare occasions- but we both spend too much time on the site.

There’s one particular character in this book who absolutely adores cookie dough- Reid- who Molly, being a kind and wonderful human being, gives cookie dough. No eggs, so salmonella isn’t a concern (she’s got other things on her mind aside from food-poisoning), and quite good with vanilla ice cream.

Spoiler alert: It’s January, the windchill is -7, and no vanilla ice cream will be consumed until at least tomorrow, when, in the normal progression of Illinois weather, it will be 90 degrees and pouring rain.

(several weeks after originally writing this, it is now 52 degrees. Not 90, perhaps, but the point remains.)

In order to find this recipe, I searched ‘edible cookie dough’ and used the most Pinterest-y graphic. It was rather coincidental that the blog happened to be called ‘What Molly Made‘, but regardless. It is good cookie dough. I had no mason jars to put the cookie dough in, unfortunately, but IT TASTES GOOD. That is what matters.


Lots of butter. I never claimed that this was a healthy recipe, now, did I?
Plus sugar
Fluffy enough. On to the…
…flour! (+ vanilla and salt)
Beat with milk
Heck yeah, I went over the 1-cup-chocolate chips… suggested…

Don’t eat too much of it at once.


How’s your weekend going? See you next time! ❤


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