Beta Reading

What is a beta reader?

A beta reader is someone who reads a story once it is finished and while it is still being revised. A beta reader gives honest feedback to the author: what emotions are felt? What needs to be clarified? Is a character acting uncharacteristically?  How consistent is the plot? Also, a beta reader finds grammar mistakes the writer may have missed in edits and points them out as best as they can.

To summarize: Beta readers make suggestions to the writer regarding characters, plot, mechanics/technical aspects in general, and pacing. They have a unique opportunity to influence the story’s final appearance.

Below are the stories I will need readers for, along with a bit of information. If you are interested in beta reading, please fill out the form at the very bottom, and I’ll get back to you asap! 😉

Lady of Rain

A girl from the Upper and a boy from the Under change the worlds, each recovering from a traumatic event and becoming friends in the process. See this tag for details and snippets. 

This story is under a trigger warning for depression, suicide, and self-harm.


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Round One

Dates: March 2017.

Purpose: General feedback- characters, plot, emotions, consistency, pacing, believability, etc.

Details: I’m really just looking for people that like to read and review. I don’t need technical edits quite yet because it’s so early, so if you’re more of a grammar nazi, this might not be the round for you. Don’t worry, though, your time will come! 😉 Likely, this will require chapter-by-chapter thoughts and suggestions.


Round Two

Dates: May 2017

Purpose: Very similar to round one, although a bit more in-depth with feedback.

Details: Again, like round one, I really just need feedback on the story- plot, characters, etc. Instead of going chapter-by-chapter as with round one (although that’ll still be welcome!), I’ll ask for more of an annotation- type feedback.


Round Three

Dates: August 2017 (estimate*)

Purpose: Mechanics!

Details: Feedback regarding grammar, writing style, technicalities in general. This edit is not for the storyline (although feedback for that is still appreciated!), rather for critiquing the style.

*A good deal is still up in the air regarding Lady of Rain, but I will keep you posted on any updates! Estimated dates are likely to be accurate.

Need more info?

Round 1: I’ll send you a worksheet! Really all you’ll have to do is read the story and fill it out. It’s that simple. -closed-

Round 2: I’ll share the Google Doc with you on Suggest Edits mode, allowing you to make inline comments. You will also get the worksheet so that you have an idea of what info I need, but I will need more in-depth feedback. -closed-

Round 3: Again, I’ll share Google Docs with you on Suggest Edits. This will allow you to edit right there, although I’ll have to approve the edit before it appears in the text!

Are you interested?

Fill out this contact form, and I’ll be in contact with you shortly! Thank you! ❤


Likewise, if you need a beta-reader for your novel, feel free to contact me and we can talk about it! I’d be happy to read YA/NA SF/F and contemporary- just drop me a line!