Email me at kathrynthies (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested in any of the services listed below!

Graphic Design



Do you have a quote you want formatted? A Wattpad story you need a cover for? Character photography concepts? I’m pretty flexible where payment is concerned, let me know if you’re interested!

Kathryn did a great job! The photos look wonderful with the quotes. I’m very happy with her work. -L.P. Masters

Beta Reading

Beta reading I’ll do for free! Here’s my page on it explaining what it is, but chances are, if you write, you’re going to need one at some point. Fill out this form if you’re interested!



note: If your genre is not in the drop-down, please mention it in the ‘Premise’ box, but recognize that there is a lower chance that I’ll accept. Genres that are definite nos are as follows: horror, occult, and erotica.